Uniforms 2010-2011

2010-2012 UNIFORM


June 30, 2010 represented the expiration of the current uniform kit at FC Alliance.  Working closely with Puma, the PUMA PowerCat 5.10 uniform has been selected for the fall 2010 season through the spring of 2012.  The kit is one of Puma’s top quality kits and all age groups as well as both boys and girls will wear the same uniform.  As a result of working closely with Puma and simplifying our options, the club has achieved an outstanding price on these items which will save our members nearly $75,000 over the cost of our previous kits!





The colors of the uniforms will be black and red as shown.  The club’s shield will be displayed on the front of the shirts and player numbers will be displayed on the back (Vegas Gold numbers on the black jersey and Black numbers on the red jersey).  A pair of red and a pair of black socks will complete the two uniforms.  As a side note, the official colors of the club are black, Vegas Gold, white, red and dark gray, so while the red represents a change of pace for our uniforms, it falls within our official lineup. 


In addition to the uniforms, a backpack and sweat suit are available. In an effort to keep membership in our club very affordable, neither the sweats nor the backpack are required to be purchased.  We do however ask that if members purchase sweats or a bag for their players, the members purchase these Puma branded items as a show of support to Puma who is a wonderful partner to the club.  




The uniforms kit is composed of 2 shorts, 2 shirts, and 2 pairs of socks (black not pictured).  The cost for these items is $100 and includes a small markup of 3% that will be returned to the club for administration, shipping and handling costs.  As a thank you to the club, Puma has also agreed to include a very nice ball in the kit at no additional charge!  


The Sweat Suit (Jacket and Pant) can be ordered for an additional $72 and includes “FC Alliance” screened on the back of the jacket and player name and number embroidered on both the jacket and pant. 


The backpack can be ordered for $28 and includes the player’s name and number embroidered on the bag.   




In an effort to smooth the transition to FC Alliance and to keep the costs down, existing teams from KFC who are remaining together may continue to wear their KFC uniforms for an additional season (U14 and below through December 31, 2010 and U15 and above through June 30, 2011).  If players are added to these teams from either outside the club or from the existing FC Alliance ranks, the team is asked to transition to the new uniform kits immediately. An FC Alliance patch/shield will need to be added to the KFC uniform in the place of the current KFC patch.  In addition, a West Ham patch will need to be added to the shirts of the uniform. Sweats and backpacks may be used forever (ie no deadline).