Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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FC Alliance is a non-profit organization (501c3) whose mission is to provide excellence in training, development and the teaching of life lessons through the game of soccer. Our Club strives to provide the highest level of competitive play throughout Tennessee and the surrounding states.

The Club was created when the Smokey Mountain Soccer Association (SMSC) and Impact United Soccer Association (Impact) merged in 2008. This merger created an elite and innovative club for players interested in improving their game at a variety of skill levels.


FC Alliance offers a variety of training and developmental programs for players of all ages and skill levels to assist them in developing to their desired level of play. We provide a framework to teach not only soccer but many life lessons. Teamwork, discipline, competition, winning, losing, goal setting, hard work, are encouraged in club soccer.

We are the local extension of the system that develops soccer in America -- even the National team. We follow the guidelines of the national and international soccer boards in developing our players to their maximum potential. Many college teams are chiefly comprised of players who have demonstrated their ability in advanced developmental programs, such as our competitive programs. If your child has progressed through recreational soccer and wants to take their game and skills to the next level, FC Alliance can take them as far as they want to go.


FC Alliance welcomes new players to join our Club year round. For competitive players, tryouts/evaluations are held in June. For more information on registration and team placement, visit our website or feel free to contact one of our Directors today!


Our Club has grown through a combination of having top coaches and clinicians providing world-class training and the highest quality competition for our players.

  • COACHING: We have the best group of coaches available. All of our listed coaches are actively involved in our program. Feel free to look at look at their qualifications and experience and compare them to anyone.

  • DEVOTION TO THE INDIVIDUAL PLAYER: All ability levels are welcome in our club. We give each player the same level of training and opportunity regardless of whether they are the next Ronaldo or a child who just loves the game.

  • CURRICULUM: We have a defined curriculum to help your child reach their maximum potential. All of our coaches work within this established curriculum to develop players strengths. No matter what team you are on, you will be receiving consistent, structured, and goal-oriented training.


The club offers three tracks for player development –a volunteer managed Recreational Program, an instructional Academy Program with a local competitive option for advanced players called Academy Select, and a Competitive/Travel Program; both the Academy and Competitive programs are led by certified professional soccer coaches/trainers. An overview of these programs are listed below.

We also offer a variety traditional and specialty training programs for those players looking to advance their skill set and stay active throughout the year. Examples of our traditional and specialty programs include: Summer Camps, Summer Futsal League, Total Play, Winter Futsal League, Championship Performance Series (CPS) Training, Goal Keeper and Skills Training. From a player looking for a recreational program, to the serious player looking for competitive play - FC Alliance has a place for you!

·         RECREATION (U4-U12)
The FC Alliance Recreation Program is devoted to boys and girls aged U4 to U12 interested in having fun, learning the game of soccer and developing life skills including a life-long love of the game. The Recreation Program is offered twice a year; Spring and Fall. This program is directed by our licensed staff with all teams being coached by parents/volunteers. Learn more at

·         ACADEMY (U4 –U18)
FC Alliance Academy is an instructional soccer program for boys and girls aged 4 to 18 years that are looking for a more structured, goal-oriented training curriculum to be delivered by experienced, licensed coaches without the additional cost and travel commitments of competitive soccer. Learn more at

·         ACADEMY SELECT (U9-U18)
The Academy Select Program is a local competitive soccer program for technically advanced players participating in the Academy Program who have demonstrated a higher level of athleticism and skill. Teams are formed on an invitation only basis through open tryouts in June or by Director selection. Learn more at

·         COMPETITIVE (U9-U18)
The Travel Competitive Program is a year round competitive soccer program designed to meet the needs of the most ambitious players. Players typically possess elite skills, a high level of athleticism and an advanced tactical awareness that is required to compete at the state, regional and national levels. Players must have a strong work ethic and be committed to the required strength and conditioning. These teams typically play in the State of Tennessee Division 1 Program, State League or the Regional Premier League. Learn more at


In the State of Tennessee, teams are formed based on the player’s age and not school grade. The “U” means “under” and the player’s age must be under the number on August 1st. If the player was born on June 29, 1998, that player’s age group would be U13. Each year, a player’s age group will change. Click Here to find the appropriate age group for your player.




Parents are asked to volunteer a minimum of five hours of their time per year to the club (i.e. supporting tournaments such as our FC Alliance Fall Classic Tournament) and also help with various duties on their specific team. In addition, we invite parents to get involved as Team Managers. Managing a soccer teams is a big job and it takes a lot of coordination and help to make things run smoothly for the best possible experience for the team, but most team Managers will tell you that they treasure the experiences and wouldn’t trade it for anything! If you are interested in volunteering for FC Alliance, click here.




Season length varies depending on the program your player is enrolled. For recreational players, the season is 8 weeks in length. For Academy players, the season is 12 weeks in length and for competitive travel players, the soccer season consists of (2) 16 week seasons, beginning August 1 and lasting until May 31st the following year. The fall season runs from Aug 1 to Nov 30 and the spring season runs from Feb 1 to May 31st.






At the younger ages, our goal is provide as much playing time in games to all players as possible. We have small teams to avoid players sitting on the bench. We have small-sided games to ensure everyone touches the ball. As a team gets older and more experienced, playing time becomes more a function of ability. But we still continue to develop each player. Further we try to ensure each player is placed on a team compatible with their abilities.





Most of our teams practice 2 nights a week and play 1 or 2 games on the weekend. Practices last about 1 ½ hours.






We try to keep the expenses of operating the club reasonable to allow more players to experience soccer. For our travel players, there are 3 fees in our program: club fees, team fees, and uniform expenses. Club fees cover operational expenses for the club; they cover the full soccer year which includes (2) 16 week sessions and specialty training programs. Team fees are based on the number of events a team participates in; these include tournament fees. Uniforms are purchased every 2-3 years. We have fund raising opportunities to help offset costs. In addition, the club is a 501c3 organization; our teams can accept sponsorships from local interested businesses. See our Club Fee Schedule for more information.


Where does the fee money go?


Fees are used to cover our operational and overhead expenses. These include the two new state of the art soccer facilities we are building for our players, maintaining our excellent staff of trained coaches and goalkeepers, and providing free skills training sessions to help players become better, stronger and faster. We also have a Director of College Services to help our players find the best possible fit when it comes to college. In addition, we provide opportunities to compete against other players in surrounding states and cities.




Yes, particularly at the younger age groups. During the spring and summer months especially, we understand that players may have other activities scheduled. During the fall regular season, coaches will expect players to be committed to their soccer team practices and games. This can interfere with the All Star baseball season.