Tuition Assistance

Grocery Card & Scrip Programs

FC Alliance supports two tuition assistance programs that enable families to earn credits to pay for a players Club Fees and Team Fees.  The two separate programs are the Scrip Program and the Grocery Card Program.   

  • Scrip Program: Buy gift cards from multiple retailers and vendors to use like any other gift card you may purchase from that retailor/vendor. A varying percentage of the value of the gift card is given back to the player as a rebate for use in paying the player’s FC Alliance Club and Team Fees. The percentage value given back as a rebate depends on the vendor. Scrip orders can be placed at
  • Grocery Card ProgramGrocery cards can be purchased for Kroger’s and Food City in $50 and $100 values.  A five percent rebate is given the player’s manager to help pay for Club and Team fees. 

For more information on the Scrip or Grocery Card Program or on settting up your Scrip Account, please click on the links located in the left navigation of this page.